Late Nights at the Bar

So many people crave the love of showing up to a bustling bar full of eager patrons enjoying their libations along with some food to keep yourself even (if you do that of course), but not me. Don’t get me wrong, a busy bar is a good bar, but…I just love the quiet of sitting around with a handful of people around and just taking in the moments. Tonight I am sitting after hours at a newer spot for me and I have to say just listening to music, meeting a handful of people in a somewhat soberish state of mind makes it more impactful to me than blistered out of my mind and may not remember the next day.

The night isn’t done though as, if it goes to plan, myself and a future contributor to the site is going to be checking out East End on Winchester to see how their late night life is. More spots to come and more, detailed stories to type, and more experiences to live.